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MATT 2018 Speakers

Pastor Sherry L. Bruinton
A Safe Place Ministries
Wendell, North Carolina
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Pastor Bruinton is the visionary and founder of A Safe Place Ministries, and has served as Senior Pastor since 2009.  Since the birth of A Safe Place, Pastor Bruinton has devoted her time, talent, and gifts to the Kingdom of God and has proven to be a faithful follower and humble servant of Jesus Christ. 


Pastor Bruinton is a native of Trenton, North Carolina and was educated in the Jones County Public School System 

and later furthered her education at St. Augustine's University in Raleigh, North Carolina where she majored in Psychology and later received her degree in Theology from New Covenant Bible Institute, Rocky Mount North Carolina.


Pastor Bruinton has a great love for God, His word, and His people and has served in several capacities within the Body of Christ as an exemplary leader; and has spoken at and hosted several Revivals, Workshops, Single’s Conferences, Women Conferences, and Retreats.


Pastor Bruinton, affectionately known as "Harriet" walks heavily in the anointing of deliverance. Her goal is to set the captives free.

 "I could have freed a thousand more slaves if only they knew they were slaves~Harriet Tubman


Through many diverse trials and tribulations she has learned that God is faithful to do just what He said He would do, and is passionate to let others know that He is a keeper, a sustainer, a deliverer, and a restorer.

Hickory Grove Disciples of Christ,
Four Oaks, NC

Evangelist Dr. Hattie Lofton has always made it clear that she has four main loves in her life.

They are God, family, people, and she loves preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



She is a native of Sussex County, Virginia, reared along with her seven siblings, by her farming parents, Percy and Mattie Jones, who are now deceased.



She is an anointed Evangelist for the Lord and has a prophetic ministry that is based on sound doctrine of the Word of God.



Evangelist Lofton has made full proof of the ministry of Evangelism and strongly proclaims that her salvation is secured by the "Holy Ghost."

Restoration Deliverance Center
Macon, Georgia

Pastor Deirtre G. Cotton is Co-Pastor of Restoration Deliverance Christian Center.  A ministry whose mandate is to resurrect, restore and rebuild those who are hurting, weak and in need of deliverance in the Body of Christ. She is also the  CEO and Founder of Lady D. Cotton Ministries.

Pastor Cotton has an awesome ministry style that touches both men and women. Empowered by God, she brings healing and deliverance through her teaching and preaching. She flows with a unique prophetic mantle when ministering to the body.

Pastor Cotton has ministered throughout the United States and Overseas. Pastor Cotton is a native of Queens, New York. She graduated from Stonybrook University with a BS degree in Social Science and a BS degree in Political Science. She also holds a Master’s in Christian Counseling.  


Pastor Cotton has been in church all her life but in June of 1991, the Lord saved her and prepared her for her ministry.

She is married to Bishop Ronnie L. Cotton. They are the proud parents of three lovely boys, Jeremiah, Jonathan and Josiah.

Pastor Cotton is a woman who believes in divine purpose and destiny. She loves singing unto the Lord and is a true worshipper. She strives for excellence in ministry and motivates others to do the same. She is a jewel in the Body of Christ.

Williams Chapel,
Fayetteville, NC

Apostle Kimberly L. Nixon is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. She is presently serving as the Senior Leader of Williams Chapel Church, Spring Lake, North Carolina. The United American Freewill Baptist Conference licensed Apostle Nixon as an evangelist at the age of 21 and in 1989 she was ordained. 

In 1993 she was elected as the first female Assistant Pastor of Williams Chapel Free Will Baptist Church. Apostle Nixon is affectionately known as an advocate of ministry to all cultures. Her ability to listen and relate to the marginalized and suffering is a God given gift.

Apostle Nixon is a teacher, singer, lecturer, author and preacher who carries a message of hope, healing, and liberation. 

Apostle Nixon holds an Associate of Applied Science in Business and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Trinity College & University. 

Apostle Nixon continues to be active with conference speaking, support groups, pastoral counseling, and cross-cultural ministry. She conducts workshops, seminars and loves to write. She also has a strong clear message laced with humor and grace. Her focus at this season in her life is on ministering liberation and empowerment to the body of Christ. 

Apostle Nixon is married to Deacon Michael Nixon and has two children, Michael Jr. and Michele, a Daughter-in-law, Kristie, and two grandchildren, Christopher and Melodee.

Pastor Florence McDonald
Higher Calling Deliverance Ministry
Durham, North Carolina 

Pastor Florence McDonald is truly a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31). Under the power of God she boldly proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ, telling dying men and women that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life( Romans 6:23). As a minister of the Gospel, she believes in laying hands on the sick and ministering to those that are wounded in spirit, encouraging them to live and not die.


Pastor McDonald, who is always ready to work for the Lord wherever needed, was ordained into the ministry in 1999 by the late Bishop James C. Gilchrist, founder of Ecclesia House of Prayer, located in Durham, North Carolina. In 2010, after proving herself dedicated to the work of the ministry God elevated her once again and she was ordain to the office of an Elder under the leadership of Apostle Clifton and Pastor Sherry Farrington at The Ark of Safety Outreach Ministry in Durham, NC.

In October of 2012, Elder McDonald heard the voice of God once again. She replied the only way she knew how “Lord, Here am I, Send me…..” (Isaiah 6:9) and accepted the calling to the office of a pastor, and the vision of Higher Calling Deliverance Ministry was birthed. Trusting in the Lord with her whole heart, Elder McDonald started having services in her home until the Lord set before her an open door at 1603 Avondale Drive in Durham, NC. Elder McDonald was officially installed as Pastor under the tutelage of Bishop Isaiah Coleman on March 17, 2013.

Through much adversity, and many setbacks, disappointments, and pain she has come to the conclusion and declares that she is blessed and highly favored. Everywhere the Lord allowsher to go, and every door He opens for her to walk through she will declare “It is well; it iswell; With My Soul!”

Apostle Wendy Becton
Way Of The Cross Church Ministries
Turkey, North Carolina


Apostle Wendy E. Becton is a unique gift to the body of Christ and operates in every office of the fivefold ministry. She wears the prophetic mantle, speaking the oracles of God with accuracy and clarity. Her prolific teaching and mentoring gifts are evidenced by her leadership as one of twelve National Directors in the True Value of A Woman Movement, Sarah’s Daughters Women’s Ministry, Intercessory Prayer Class, Ministry Training and Money Management Courses. She also operated the Daughters of Sarah Mentorship

Program for girls at the James Kenan High School in Warsaw, NC.

Apostle Wendy has traveled along the East Coast spreading the gospel. Her wisdom and insight far exceed her years. She is a mother to many, birthing believers into their kingdom destiny. This woman of prayer and worship has endured the processing and dealings of God to emerge as a vessel of honor. Her spirit of excellence extends into the educational arena where she is completing her study of business and accounting. She continues to bring glory to God by maintaining a standard of holiness and encouraging others to recognize and follow the divine pattern of God.

Apostle Wendy is the loving wife of Apostle Marcus O. Becton and they are the Pastors of the Way of the Cross Church Ministries, Turkey, NC. They have been ordained to proclaim the gospel to the nations, and

together they are conquering and reclaiming territory for the Kingdom of God.

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