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Meet Your Speakers

Keynotes  Speakers

The Meeting at the Throne Women's Conference is packed with powerhouse speakers and teachers who are ready to share their wisdom with you.  


Our guest speakers led by Pastor Sherry L. Bruinton include Dr. Hattie Loftin, Apostle Kimberly Nixon, 

Apostle Wendy Becton, Pastor Florence McDonald, and Dr. Deirtre Cotton. Make it a point not to miss either of these Kingdom trailblazers as they shift you into your Now.


During this exclusive hour, the ladies will have the opportunity to hear a Godly perspective on today’s cutting edge topics and issues that are prevalent in today’s society and also obtain answers to their questions that are gathered during the registration process and media.

We pray that during this session that lives will be changed and that each woman will leave with a better understanding of how to maintain/establish a better relationship with Christ. We further believe that God is going to show up like never before during this Burden Removing, Yoke Destroying, Mighty Power of God Conference.   

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